Gull at sunset

Sorry I’m way behind again just running out of time and energy at the moment.
Quite a nice but cold start to the day with temperatures down to 6 degrees. There was a bang on the window from one of the birds and when I went to look it was a male blackcap, stunned and laying on the decking. I went outside with my cup of tea to make sure the Sparrowhawk did not come down for breakfast.It took about 15 minutes for it to recover and then it was back up in the trees.
Between showers I rubbed down the windowsills round the back and gave them a varnish, a job that’s been needed to be done for a while now.Also rubbed down the handrails round the decking , removing the CE writing ready for treating .
David was busy all day with work.
A nice evening so we went down to the Point. We did not think we would get a parking space as lots of cars were coming away. We were lucky though and enjoyed a walk on the beach.Several dolphins swam past as we got to the Point itself but they did not hang around and headed back out to sea.I had seen one of the babies breach this morning but through the telescope.
We watched a gull pinch someone’s UNO game which was in a bag.I think he thought it was something to eat.The same gull also flew at a tern making it drop its fishy meal which it caught in mid flight.
A beautiful sunset with a tiny rainbow over the Lighthouse.

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