Big Toy!

It's been a busy day!

Work until 3 pm and then an hour in the training hall.

I dropped my camera on the hard floor in the hall, but luckily it looks like the camera is ok. The lens have been damaged some, but it looks sort of ok too. This picture is taken after I dropped it, so I can still use it.

Hero slipped in the wet grass yesterday, when he was running with Gollum. He walked ok afterwards- no limping or anything, but the fall looked nasty and we have some busy weeks ahead of us, so I couldn't risk him having some hidden injury, which would suddenly make him limp, so we went to see the doggie chiropractor after training today. And yes, I was right. Hero's shoulder needed to be put right. If we had not seen the chiropractor today, Hero would have become lame some day soon. 

We finished with a walk before we went home. We have been away from 7 am to 7 pm. A very long day. 

My picture today is of Biscuit with Gollum's toy. It is a bit too big for Biscuit :-D

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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