Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Bit like Autumn ...

As life returns, briefly, to normal routine, we combined our pet-dog-like need to walk with a quick visit to a friend who's moving from the East coast to Dunoon today. I saw her removal lorry from my study window and decided a quick hello would be better than waiting till they were settled - so that's why we were marching along the East Bay, intermittently splashed by lumps of the Firth of Clyde. That breaking wave I count as miraculous - I only had to take two photos to capture it, which is more success than I usually have.

My extra photo was taken from slightly further along the prom - looking north to the hills and somehow looking altogether cheerier and more welcoming. It was chilly, however, until we'd worked up the circulation exploring the area of town where we started our life in Dunoon and which we visit so rarely that we saw it with new eyes. Some of it has changed; the council house we lived in for 18 months looks greatly improved by the addition of external insulation and paint and the primary school opposite has been partly rebuilt, removing the grim wall that used to constitute the lower part of the view from my window.

But as I say - today feels like Autumn. And I'm not ready for that yet!

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