St James the Less

It seems to have been a busy day today one way or another. First off it was unloading the gear from yesterday and stowing it back where I store it. Then it was down to Happy Valley again to help take down the marquee. Enough people turned up and it's easier than putting it up so it was soon done. The final count isn't in but it looks as if we've raised as much as last year (£1400 +), maybe a little more.

Today we had the new fridge freezer delivered. It seemed to be a lot heavier than the old one and the delivery guys struggled a little although I'm sure the deal with bulkier American fridges. They were very helpful and had rearranged their schedules to get it to us as we both had appointments between 3 and 4 o'clock.

My appointment was at this rather beautiful church in Teignmouth. It's very beautiful but is deteriorating as many churches are and in need of funds to do the repairs. I'll blip the outside at some time as it's quite impressive. Their idea was to have the Bishopsteignton Commitments play in the church to raise funds. We could have done that but I didn't really see that we could raise much money that way. It's filled with pews so no room for dancing. I can't imagine playing to a seated audience let alone when they're seated in pews. I don't know how succesful ticket sales would be without a bar either.

A better plan seemed to be to book the rugby club which is very close by and which may offer a very reasonable rate (maybe free) for a good local cause and which will give them good alcohol sales. Our publicity machine can kick in and we can all have a good time and make them loads of money. That's the plan!

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