Untitled Boulder (widwed290818)

What to do for this week's wide Wednesday with the theme of Art .... 

Not far from home is Compton Verney, an art gallery which I'm sure several blippers will know from blip meets.  This large boulder sits in the grounds next to the walkway up to the entrance to the gallery itself.   I've never been entirely sure of what to make of it, but I was struck today by the number of people walking up to the gallery and who came over to read the sign and look at the stone,  mostly children. I didn't see any unaccompanied adults walk over to it.  No idea what that means, the parents and grandparents with the children all let them make their own minds up - which is probably a good thing.

In case you are wondering - it must be art - it has a sign - see the extra.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

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