I had an online form to fill in and I had been putting it off.  It was supposed to have been done last week and I got a reminder so I really had to do it yesterday. Of course I left it till after midnight so I was late getting to bed. 

Instead of being able to get straight to sleep I had to deal with Lily being naughty.  She started messing around on the bedside table knocking things off.  Then crying loudly, running downstairs and bringing her favourite toy up for me to play with.  Then she was sick on the bedroom floor so I had to get up and sort that out.  ( I don't worry too much about either cat being sick as apparently Bengals have sensitive tummies.  I often find cat sick when I get up in the morning.  I have got to know the places where its likely to be.  On my computer chair usually.  I have taken to putting a black bin liner on my chair .... just in case.) Finally the little pest  she snuggled up beside me on the bed and went straight to sleep.  I had a bit more trouble nodding off.

As I still felt weary this morning I made a slow start to the day.  After lunch I made the effort to go to Newcastle. First of all I went to The Laing Art Gallery to get my blip shot.  The Wide Wednesday theme is ART.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.  I didn't look round the art exhibitions in the gallery but I did have a browse in the shop and made a couple of purchases. 

Then I went to Fenwicks as I had a Joules gift voucher I wanted to spend.  I found something suitable and went to pay for it.  However as the Joules dept in Fenwicks is a concession they don't accept gift cards.  They suggested that John Lewis might take them - so I popped over there.  I asked about the gift card before choosing anything to buy - but was told they didn't accept gift cards either.  The nearest outlet to accept them is in..... Alnwick.  Not the easiest place to get to on the bus..... but not impossible.  I will do a bit of research and plan a day out sometime.

I was awarded a heart for my Mono Monday shot this week - and the host told me that she thought my image was her favourite out of the 90 entries.  Wow - I'm honoured and delighted.

Steps today - 8,332

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