And so he's off.

Only for 3 days and only to Wales but the fuss he made packing you would think he was exploring the Arctic!!! I guess it comes with age!

Anyway, he left at 7am this morning and I hope he has a wonderful and safe few days. Wales please be kind to him and the other 3 riders as I would like them all back in one piece.

Meanwhile, I have been left to go to work and sort out my own MOT this afternoon. Big girl pants on. I hate anything male orientated. Garages and timber yards are in the same hateful category!!

The trouble with posting your blip so early is you miss the rest of the days news so heres an update!!!
* Got to the garage for my 3 o'clock MOT appointment only to be told they hadn't ticked the 3 o'clock box and I had to wait - 3 hours!
* Car passed its MOT - phew - only charged half due to the delay - result.
* Got back to car and light bulb was showing a failure.
* Went back in. They said it was coincidence. I suggested they gave it a bash - they did - it works again!
* Interesting Dash cam footage shows engineer taking the Piddle out my car shouting "it should go straight through - its only done 186 000"   to another engineer who laughs. It Did!!! So up ***** ! Not even a recommendation!
* A fox has nicked a flip flop from the front door step!
* Mr W has arrived safely in Wales and is drinking beer watching an amazing sunset.

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