By Mickky


Met up with one of my friends for the first time in one and half years. She now works and lives in Tokyo, and for the last two days she's been in Kanazawa on holiday. I was glad she contacted me, spending time with me on the day.

We went to Himi, a coastal town in Toyama prefecture, famous for fresh seafood as she said she wanted to enjoy seafood.

After lunch we took a wee walk along the coast, where we found an observatory to overlook the ocean. On top of the observatory was this Japanese sign written on the glass, telling not to make the observatory shaken (I'm not sure if it makes sense to the readers, and I couldn't find any example of signs with a similar communicative purpose). Another sign said the observatory may tremble due to a strong wind, which sounded scary.

I hope I can meet her again very soon, maybe when I come up to Tokyo.

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