Willow Emerald damselfly

After a productive morning I needed some fresh air, but didn't really feel like going far, after yesterdays long trek and with two outings coming up this weekend. So I headed down to the Boardwalks LNR for a mosey around. I was hoping to join hillyblips and jdo in getting some shots of dragonflies in flight, and indeed I managed a couple of adequate captures, which I thought would be my blip.

But as I was walking back through the willow carr I spotted a pair of willow emerald damselflies mating. It was rather shady, they were very flighty and I had the wrong lens on, so although I managed a couple of record shots before they ascended high into a willow tree, they weren't that good. I hung around for a bit longer and was rewarded by a singleton coming down and resting on a willow leaf at a fairly convenient height. As this is the first time I've seen one (though they've been present in the area for a couple of years) it had to be today's blip.

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