River of Flowers

By doffy

Friday: Sempervivum ...

... bought at Castle Gardens the other day. It’s got lots of babies and next week I hope to repot it into a terra cotta pot and put some of the babies in their own little pots.
Jo brought me a lovely indoor variety of this plant and it’s doing very well on the kitchen windowsill :-)) xx
Made a few more bracelets this morning, similar to yesterday’s. If anyone’s interested the instructions are here - https://youtu.be/fHx74o-f0dk - very simple, requiring very little patience!!
Made first batch of damson gin with our own fruit.
Picked, and ate a few blueberries also some tomatoes which are slowly ripening.
We had the most beautiful sunny day, warm with blue skies and very welcome it is too - fingers crossed it holds for the weekend.
Happy Weekend Everyone xxxx xxx xx x

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