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By keibr

The End of a Tiring Day!

We spent the morning preparing for visitors tomorrow, and booking a holiday, on Majorca, after the election. The afternoon we delivered leaflets, and more leaflets, and yet more leaflets. I don't know how far we drove but it was a long way as we searched out every village and hamlet in our area. Sometimes it felt like we drove several kilometers to deliver a leaflet to one house! We certainly discovered a few new roads.
Then back to town for a coffee and a sandwich, shopping for food for tomorrow's visitors, and a last road of leaflet delivering.
On the final drive home we stopped at the top of a hill and I took a picture of this lovely cloud-layer and the sun sinking towards the horizon.
The building on the left of the picture is the very unlovely  high security prison just outside Härnösand. However, it is glinting rather nicely in the sunlight.
The extra shows Häggsjön postboxes, the picture I was taking as HarlingDarling took an interesting blip of me taking this!  She wrote a rather lovely description of our day.  Here's my take on the extra...
Delivering election leaflets for the socialist party we found this village with 17 households, next to Häggsjön (Bird Cherry Lake). They seem to have bought a job-lot of postboxes.
The noticeboard had a "Have you seen my cat" notice, otherwise it was about fishing permits for the lake (£20 for a year) and associated notices. It's usually a quiet day around Häggsjön...

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