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 .......... Friday31_2018   (FF31_2018).

Posted late as I had a few minor computer issues last night.

Spent most of the day trying to find our pond under years of overgrown neglect - oh my goodness - don't think I've ever seen a root "mat" quite as big or thick as the one I managed to get out onto the grass eventually.

After removing at least a ton of stones - large and small - (we had made two large easy entry/exit points for birds, animals and reptiles) and barrowing them over to the patio - It was wellies on, an old carving knife and the pulling and sawing began ..... and went on and on and on ................ those ornamental grasses and bullrushes seemed a good idea at the time!!   I would say I've managed a third of it and there are some HUGE irises right in the middle to still come out - not to mention water lilies under all those. 

Some of the surrounding rocks (boulders?) have fallen in and some of the edging pavers need replacing - the waterfall also needs either major repair (Himself hand-dug and hand-built the whole thing about 20 years ago - no pre-formed plastic bits and pieces) or ripping out and rebuilding.   I remember going and sourcing those huge rocks, fetching them home in the car and wheelbarrowing them, one at a time, round the back of the house - oh to be young(er) and fit again!!  lol

Not sure he's totally up to the task nowadays but between us we'll get there - his mobility and balance is shot, mine is ok, my knees, elbows and hands are becoming weaker but his arms are strong as long as he's sitting down, we both still have our faculties so, between us, we almost make a whole human being - it would be a strange looking creature though!!!   :o))  :o))  
Ya gotta laugh!!

Tell you what ...... my elbows, back and knees are having a bit of a moan this morning!! 

Happy weekend everyone ......

~ Anni ~

Oh and for those who were trying to guess my mystery abstract yesterday - it was the end of a saucepan handle .....  well done to jensphotos who got it right!!

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