Silly .........

 ......... Cat  -  for SillySaturday100  (sils100) - thanks to admirer for hosting and a happy 100th birthday to SillySaturday!!   :o))

Why a silly cat, you may ask?   Well, he/she is sitting right outside our front door - which is also Whisper's front door - Whisper is not fond of cats, especially in HIS garden, you would have thought they would have learnt that by now!

More pond work today - nearly fell in - ooops - the more I uncover the more we see the repairs/renovations that will have to be done.

Himself worked on the surrounding jungle rockery which is very labour intensive as he's doing it by hand (can't use a spade or fork standing up because of the balance thingy which he's finding extremely frustrating) - we can see much progress though which is good news. 

~ Anni ~

Backblippped Sunday 2 September 2018

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