By Missycat

FlowerFriday31_2018 Wonky

I bought this bunch of sunflowers from a well known supermarket at a very reasonable price, simply because they are 'wonky', ie not 'perfectly' shaped.  This supermarket (rightly in my opinion) feels that so much waste can be avoided by selling wonky fruit, veg and flowers , at low prices, rather than discarding them.  I've included the supermarket label, explaining the policy, in  my picture by adding it with the Picasa collage maker.
Violet came to me today for her last free Friday before she starts school.  Her friend S and her mummy  weren't able to meet up with us today, so we went to Ikea for lunch instead.  I'm still feeling rather rough with The Cold, so I was glad to have the help of The Son and Daughter #1.  My extra is of Violet holding a 'V' alphabet biscuit, bought in the dining hall:  we had to look through the entire box to find this one single letter V!

Many thanks to BikerBear for her continued hosting. 

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