By Missycat

The sunshine returns

Actually the sunshine returned yesterday as well, welcome after some cooler, cloudy days.  This morning I went out for my usual Sunday walk with Zeus09smum and Zeus, who features in my extra  shot.  Our walk was not a long one: Zeus09smum is not doing very well with her knee repair and is in  a lot of pain after quite short distances.
This afternoon, I sat in the garden and read my book for a while - I don't think that we'll have too many more days warm enough to do that.  Later on, Violet and her mummy popped by to see us.  I managed to take quite a few photos today, as Violet was in the mood for letting me do so without turning away.  The shot I've chosen is in the front room: I decided I rather like the fact that it shows our newly painted doors.  Until our recent decorating, all the internal doors had been varnished wood, quite a heavy, dark look and we decided to go for a complete change.

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