William and his Ball Run

We spent the day with family in Leicester. After a good night's sleep, which is notable in many ways, Kat made breakfast and headed into Leicester for a job interview. It  would be for two days a week and would suit her perfectly at the moment.

Then Len and George headed off to the Leicester City vs Liverpool game. They assured me that Leicester had acquitted themeselves well despite losing 1-2. 

Kat and I took William to Abbey Park in the glorious sunshine. After tea and ice cream at the Peppercorns Cafe, we found a grassy spot where William picked up leaves and sticks and dug his fingers in the dirt. He had a small ball which he enjoyed throwing. He's started walking but is developing his confidence for the time being. The shoes that Kat had bought for him were already too small.

A lovely, restful day. Extra is of William with his new toy which judders around, noisily, on the floor.

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