By Dollykgray

MonoMonday - Comfort Zone

I found this week's MM theme of Comfort Zone by Ellaphant to be quite challenging until I thought about my photographic comfort zones. Marching up to people in the street asking if I can take their photograph is definitely not one of them. I briefly thought I should go out of my comfort zone and do just this but I dismissed this as it was a miserable day and there was hardly a soul about on this first day of the new school term. If I don't have a Blip at the end of the day I am perfectly comfortable with setting up the tripod for a still life photo or a still life macro (aka emergency blip). I should explore this with intent more often as I enjoy doing it. 
This morning I was delighted to find one of my Japanese lanterns that I had thrown in the garden bed had skeletonised. I love these lanterns and this year they have taken off in the garden and I have an abundance - to decorate for autumn and to photograph. 
I love how converting the image to mono makes the seed pod look like it is encased in a delicate metal cage. 

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