A Flying Start?

I have known, for some time, and done this with Orchids.

Towards the end of flowering, you cut the stem back to a node. - With any kind of luck this often generates a new set of flowers.
Recently "One of us" discovered this method of Orchid propagation. 
OR - The 4 minute version, though somewhat more technical.
 SO - I finally decided to have a bash. 
It may be over-optimistic, but I think I see a bud already; must have been there before the snip since it's only a couple of days old.
There are, actually, four in there, but not TOO sure about 1 of then.
* ~ * ~ *
I re-watched & swapped the "lid" for "ecclesiastical 'stretch & seal' film" 
(That's  Holey to you) . 

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