Close-up on a Tiny Mistake...?!!

I hope I won't upset anyone (especially our super TT host for the month, dbifulco) by straying somewhat off the brief and into lateral-thinking-land for Tiny Tuesday today. (If you think I have strayed too far, then just ignore this blip!) I did get pretty close for the zoomed-in part of the picture however.

This van has been parked on the steet outside our house for most of the last 3 days and I've been itching to blip it, but every day there's been something else to take its place in my journal. I've been hoping that it wouldn't go away before I did so. Today's the day.

I don't recall ever coming across this particular model of Peugeot van before, but I'd love to think that the owner may be one of our blip members(!): if so (s)he's made a tiny spelling mistake on the van...anyway, all we need to do is insert one tiny "L" and everything will be fine!  :))

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