Night follows day as 2 follows 1. It is inevitable. I love the evenings as they are a time of rest after work. An opportunity to meet with friends and family and unwind. It allows you a chance to make that call you have been promising to make or to write that email or letter you meant to run off.
It is a time to reflect on the day, taking comfort in the positives and making a note to address those areas of challenge.
To recommit to be generous to others tomorrow is a daily task and takes intentionality as for most of us it doesn't come naturally.
Evenings are a time to tell friends and family that they matter to you, to remind them of the importance of loving and being loved. A time to lift a glass to an absent friend or family member.
As you prepare for sleep, do not go to bed with anger in your heart, but deal with it in a positive way - if that means offering forgiveness or seeking it from another.
Each of us has 24 hours each day to spend, whether pauper or monarch. We can't bank the minutes and when spent they cannot be retrieved, so spend them well.
Finally count your blessings for the gift of life and love. 

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