Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Eat to live

cows fed - to be killed
this raises many questions
about life's meaning

Another day spent at the desk, except for my morning drive to the village and back.

In the evening, the start of the rehearsals for our pantomime. We started with rehearsing the songs. Apart from the opening and closing songs which are performed by the whole cast (the starting theme to The Adventures of Robin Hood TV series, "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen" etc. and Welcome to the best days of your lives to finish), I'll be singing two solos, Money Money Money (from Cabaret) and I Hate People (from Scrooge) or rather, extracts of these two songs, otherwise the show would never end if everyone who sings sang a whole song. I'm already getting into character! It's going to be great playing the baddy! Next week, we'll have a read-through which will be the only time we'll get to hear the whole play with the characters' voices before the very last rehearsals in January when we have the technical and dress rehearsals. Exciting!

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