By seizetheday

Across the Tweed to Scotland

In to Berwick with MrM this morning. First to the music shop to take back three guitars, which MrM had repaired. Then a walk down to the bottom of Hide Hill to buy a birthday gift. After that we parted company - while MrM went to the dentist’s for a filling, I went to the building society and looked round a few shops. Desperately in need of a new jumper or two, but the sleeves on those in the shops are far too long for my arms, and there are precious few on offer in the petite sections. Maybe I shall have to take up knitting again (in which case I shall more than likely have some misshapen sweaters, but at least the sleeves will be the right length!).

Hurried up the steps on to the ramparts to take one or two shots of the Tweed before rushing to meet MrM at the dentist’s. Then had to wait 20 minutes before he came out of the surgery. Never mind!

MrM’s off to a music session in Belford this evening, and I’m planning to investigate how the video recorder works. Didn’t get round to it last night, but can’t keep putting it off. It can’t be rocket science, but the recorder looks quite an intimidating beast, and I have a sneaky suspicion that editing videos will be a steep learning curve…

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