By seizetheday

Fish on bicycles

Accompanied MrM on a trip in to Berwick this afternoon. We had a money order to pay in to the bank, and were not particularly happy that the branch is now a large room with a machine on one wall to carry out all transactions. Though there was one person on hand to demonstrate how the machine works. Wonder what happens when the machine malfunctions, or there's a power cut?

Then a walk up the hill to the music shop for some mandolin strings. Lots of shops have window displays celebrating the fact that the third stage of the Tour of Britain starts in Berwick on Monday. The second-hand book shop on Bridge Street has chosen to depict fish on bicycles - at a guess because salmon net fishing still takes place on the River Tweed in Berwick.

On to one of the main reasons for the trip - we had on our shopping list some essential items from the DIY shop and from the shop that sells simply food. A failure on both counts - neither shop had any of the items we needed, but we emerged from the latter with one of those meal deals for two, a delicious bargain as it will last us for more than one meal!

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