Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Magnolia stellata

Finally we have settled weather. A frost this morning and a cool breeze but sunshine right through till next weekend. I hope they are right.
I have an eye infection which the doctor is sorting with some ointment so I haven't got back to answer your comments on the duck episode. Plus I am going to turn off comments for a few days. I want to save my eye for more important things like watching rugby.(Sorry you can't give a smart comment back). :-))
The All Blacks play in Nelson for the first time ever tomorrow night. There is some AB fever over here with black and white balloons dotted around. The Pumas are having a meet and greet in town here about now. All good for the youngsters to inspire them to great things.
I will get a blip on but will keep the commenting to a minimum.
I am sure I will be back in a few days.
Have a good weekend.

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