Misty River

I went to bed late and woke early. What better thing to do than to go out and photograph the sunrise? Mind you, I struggled a bit on only four hours' sleep on my last day of a fabulous week at church but enjoyed a good long snooze, to the sound of soothing music, during the afternoon. And yes - it was perfectly acceptable to snooze :)

It wasn't the easiest sunrise to photograph because, the moment the sun rose above the horizon, it was beaming the full force of its light through the mist, rapidly rising above it. If you look carefully (or better still, in full screen), you will spot the little egret. There was lots of kingfisher activity, too - but you'll just have to trust me on that one :)

There was only me and one other photographer to enjoy the spectacle. You can see him in my b&w journal - he made a great subject! 

Many thanks for everything over the past week when I have been especially absent from Blip - hopefully I'll begin to catch up with you a bit over the weekend! Have a great one!

Ann :))

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