Oh, what it is to be young and irresponsible carefree! For some reason best known to himself, this young man thought it would be a good idea to ride his bike into the water of the pond. It was shallow but he still ended up with wet trousers. Silly enough for Silly Saturday, I think!

Today's blip for my b&w journal is here!

Huge thanks for all the truly wonderful comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blips - both in this journal and my b&w journal! Both images are proving to be very popular, especially the colour one in this journal, but I have to admit that my personal favourite is the b&w image!

Ann :))

To those of you who haven't read Rockarea's blip from a couple of days ago, there is some news about Tim (Sarum Stroller) that I am sure you, like me, will be very sorry to learn - he is currently battling an aggressive cancer and is in a hospice. Hard news to digest and, surely, much harder for him. I have no doubt there are many, again like me, who greatly value his wonderful photography and his input here on Blip. You can read a little more in Rockarea's journal here.

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