By JoeyG

Last Night at the O2 London

Bazza!!! What a showman!!

I had the best day yesterday. You know when you have a day that you so badly needed but didn’t know how much you needed it ‘til it’s happened? Well, it happened!

I had a fabulous day in Aylesbury, catching up with friends. I went from one place to the next, coffees, teas, lunch and eventually the trip back to London for dinner and the show.

Three of us had a box at the O2 to ourselves. What a treat! It was a private hospitality room of a client connected to my friends’ employer. Boy did we make good use of it! We danced all night. When he sang “Could It Be Magic,” well.....I proper let loose! Haven’t danced like that in so long!

I am still beaming from a great day, a great performance, a great night from a much needed day!

If I wasn’t listening to Barry today I’d probably be singing “Joyful, Joyful!” Buzzing is a massive understatement.

Pics in the extras.

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