The Friday Fish Fry at Duffy's

I stumbled upon it quite by accident. A while back, some old friends and I made plans to meet for lunch on a Friday, for a change, at Duffy's in Boalsburg. Three of us ordered the fish fry special, and it was pretty darn awesome. I brought some leftovers home and my husband raved over them. So he and I started going there for lunch on Fridays, on occasion, to enjoy the Friday fish fry.

The special is only available at lunch, from about 11:30 to 2 pm. For $10.95, you get a huge slab of deep fried haddock, the coating crisp and crunchy and light; the fish inside tender and flaky and and sweet and mild. It includes two odd round toasted buns, golden french fries on the side, tartar sauce or cocktail sauce, and either cole slaw or potato salad. Occasionally, lettuce and tomato show up, but not always.

The piece of fish is so big that I usually only eat half, and then I take some fish and fries home for later. Often a bit of potato salad or cole slaw too. You may see these delights in the photo above. Around the fish and fries, clockwise: two tartar sauces, a potato salad, cole slaw (I borrowed my husband's side of cole slaw to include in this shot), and lemon. I've only got one thing to say and that is this: NOM NOM NOM!!!!   :-)

The soundtrack song . . . fish fries usually take place around here on Fridays. But here's a fun song I just had to include. Some say it's one of the first actual rock and roll songs ever performed: Louis Jordan, with Saturday Night Fish Fry.

Additional photos from Duffy's in Boalsburg:
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