Covert Ops

Yet another pile of feathers looking suspiciously like pigeon litter the lawn and this is the culprit for sure!

An urgent whisper from Hubs sent me scurrying upstairs to find out what he'd seen out of the window. Halfway up I asked if I needed the camera and shot back down to get it. On sidling, in a very furtive manner to the window I discovered there was no battery in it so hot footed down again and all the time Sammy Sparrowhawk here was sitting on the fence by the terrace. Probably if truth were known he was so full with his feasting over the last week he could barely fly. 

Standing sneakily behind the curtain with the lens just able to get through the gap in the balcony door I managed to take a few shots without disturbing him, though as you can see he was watching me as well as the birds on the feeder. 

Trying to be too clever and get even closer by crawling across the conservatory floor was a step too far and he flew off but am sure he will only be in the nearby trees. It might be an idea to get out my bird hide again. 

I think this is my 2,190th entry......I am amazed! Thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement and support over the last six years; it's been greatly appreciated!!

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