Went to Northleach (Oxfordshire) steam and vintage show today and on entering the very wet grassy showground I was in a line of half a dozen cars waiting to get in. I turned into the side of the queue and stopped. As we started to move I gently opened the throttle and let the clutch out, next thing I knew I was on the ground with an excruciating pain in my right ankle. The back wheel had slewed away and the bike went down like a stone, or like a 350kg bike, trapping my ankle between the exhaust and the ground. I pulled my leg out from under the bike and the organiser of the show was close by and ran across. When I told him my ankle may be broken he rang for the St John's Ambulance who were there for first aid. They were there in less than 1 minute and assessed that my ankle was probably not broken but they drove me back to the first aid tent to examine me more. We managed to get my boots off, to compare the injured foot with the uninjured foot which didn't seem necessary as my right foot was already very swollen and going black and blue.
They were very good, put an ice pack on the ankle and gave me Ibuprofen as I'd had co-codamol a couple of hours earlier.
They then drove me to the RBLR stand where I took a considerable amount of ribbing for arriving in an ambulance rather than on my bike, they were very sympathetic afterwards of course.
I managed to ride home after a few hours but it's still very painful and swollen so I'll just have to take it easy for a while, no marathon running that's for sure!

The photo is my bike where the showground people picked it up and put it on the stand. Trouble is that it was actually in the show arena! Myself and Wilf went across to move it and, as I didn't feel up to riding it early on, Wilf moved it for me. Nice guys.

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