One moment please.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and we gave her a new mobile phone.
Today I went back to my parents to copy the data of her old phone onto the new one. Should be easy. I've done that exercise before, so I was optimistic about it.
But..... I did it with iPhones before, never with an Android.

It took me over two and a half hours, and still the phone said "One moment please". After encountering lots of problems, errors and other difficulties I went home grumpy without finishing it.

I've had them for years now, and so do my wife and sons, but I'm even more happy now with my iPhones after this terrible experience.  

[Update: On Sunday my sister (owner of a Samsung phone as well) went back to finish the job. It turned out that the phone was ready for the next step of the setup the minute I drove out of the street... By now the phone is fully operational.]

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