Its these two --- again

You would think after yesterday Becky and Mike would want a long lie in and a leisurely morning.  They didn't.  They were up and out for a 2 mile run.   I saw on Bens Instagram page that he ran 15.1 miles this morning along the banks of the River Tyne.  Thats 2 miles longer than he ran yesterday in The Great North Run.  What a fitness fanatic he is.  He's a Personal trainer and a very motivational guy.  He's in training for a forthcoming Marathon. I have no doubt that he will do well.

This afternoon Becky, Mike and I had a wander around the village.  Becky wanted to take a look inside the library - for old times sake.  Then we went to the Hermitage Garden.  Becky and Mike hadn't been there before and were most impressed.  The recent additions to the garden are some chickens, a rabbit and lots of budgies.  My blip shot was taken by the pond in the Garden.

Then we went to The Yellow Teapot tea room.  This was the first visit for all of us.  Becky and I chose blueberry scones with jam and clotted cream.  Mike had a toasted teacake. 

Back home  and Becky and Mike did their packing.  The taxi arrived around 3pm.  Their train didn't leave till 4.30pm but as they had first class tickets they wanted to take advantage of the hospitality in the First Class Lounge at the railway station.   Ben was travelling back with them.

Its been great having them here for a few days. I don't see them very often.  Mind you the amount of washing and washing up they generate is enormous.  So many wet towels, mugs, cups and drinking glasses.  As soon as they had gone I put a load of washing on and tackled the mountain of washing up.  Then I sat on the sofa.......... and fell asleep.

Steps today - 11,852

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