By seizetheday


Packed up the car and caravan, said our goodbyes, and set off for home after a good weekend at BAAFest. Arrived back in time for a late lunch.

We unpacked the car, and MrM went back to fetch the rest of our stuff from the caravan while I went to the first proper session of EMDR. It's an "integrative psychotherapy approach" that's intended to to help people to see disturbing events in a new and less distressing way. Still hoping that, at some time in the future, I'll feel able to drive again. Early days yet, but a session of remembering a car crash that I've desperately been trying to forget for the past 18+ months left me feeling very rather drained. And when MrM suggested that we treat ourselves to an evening meal at the local pub, it seemed a very good idea.

Took several shots of the cyclamen this evening, and then played around with them on the computer. For some reason, best known to itself, the camera had completely failed to pick up its delicate pick colour and, in the end, I decided to go for black and white. Not exactly exotic, but maybe appropriate for Mono Monday

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