Autumnal umbellifer

After a morning of domestic stuff (how can a weekend away generate such a huge pile of washing?!), it was Tai Chi this afternoon - a nice, relaxing session.

MrM and I had planned to go up to the Common immediately after Tai Chi, to put up a squirrel-monitoring camera in the woods, and continue up the hill for a walk. Didn't quite work out that way, as one of MrM's pupils arrived as arranged at 4.00pm (it was in the diary, but may have slipped MrM's mind...), and then we had a very welcome, but unexpected, visitor.

By the time we eventually reached the Common it was raining and blowing a gale! We went far enough in to the woods for MrM to put up the camera, and then back down for a short walk round the path. Took a few photos  in the rain, before it got too heavy.

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