to prevent me from watching TV this evening (she's taken over my footstool) :)

(apologies for yet another Charlie blip, but she's so useful) :)

Crazy busy day with back to back meetings and an hours work to clear the meeting rooms, load the dishwashers and put furniture back where it should be - I'm looking for a restful evening...

But first, I've now insured my girl with Pet Plan...the only thing not covered at the moment is dental work...I'll just have to put some money aside in case of need (CP say she has 'mild' tartar)....

In PJs already tonight, its turning very autumnal here....and during Charlie's playtime, she went for my dressing gown ribbons and scratched my leg, little monkey!

Dinner is ready, and then I'm getting organised for tomorrow...followed by another early night.

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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