The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Machosi Duma

I’m home! I arrived Sunday afternoon. My brother Steve picked me up and we stopped at Shelly’s on the way home so I could greet him before I headed home to see the cats and fall into bed. Turns out I made the right decision to stay overnight at Schipol Airport in an interesting hotel called citizenM. My room was perfect for a stop over and I got lots of sleep after my long flight from Africa.

I’m very happy to be home and Shelly is happy too. Absence really can make the heart grow fonder as it did for us. We are so happy to be together again.

I will eventually back Blip my trip photos. It just wasn’t possible to blip from most of the places I visited so I concentrated on my art journal instead. I’ll Blip some entries from that some time soon. Meanwhile this is a photo of the Maasai necklace I bought while in Maasai country. i planned to frame my Cheetah sculpture with it and I like how they look together.

More photos to come. Right now I’m still downloading them. What a fantastic trip.

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