By Viewpoint

Garden Planting

More plants added to the new garden as rain forecast for Tuesday.  It’s quite amazing what debris we’ve unearthed in this part of the garden.  I’ve got half a tub full of broken slate and lots more besides.  In the past I think they simply collapsed the toilet blocks and left the debris on the ground!  The grasses won’t mind the soil being rather poor and most perennials don’t require too much goodness in the soil, so I think they’ll be OK.

I missed taking photos yesterday.  I always find it difficult to think about new images when I’m doing lots of editing and selection and as I made a start at sorting the Penistone Show photos I was rather absorbed.  I’ve also been processing photos for the ART UK sculpture project.  The data recording side of this is taking me way more time than the actually photography.  I think I need a re-think about how I approach this project.  

Positive Image camera club in the evening and an enjoyable and light-hearted start to the third year.

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