A fairly normal Tuesday

A hair cut for the small pussy willow tree where it was sporting an unruly top knot and a  trim for the lavender was my main garden tidying activity in the morning.  Though it got me thinking about how I could improve on the planting of the trellis area.  I think clematis might offer me more success than the Wisteria that I planted several years ago and which has hardly grown. Maybe a rose too, though some of the area might be too wet as the pond leaks into the flower bed (just ever so slightly).

Cannon Hall with my brother, who is cheerfully recovering from a minor operation. It was  also good to catch up with friends who we haven’t seen over the school holidays.

Ayton Wood walk when we got back to see if there were any signs of fungi. Mainly the answer is no, though on my walk back along the the higher path I came across two sets of damaged fungi of which I think one was Sulphur Tuft.  It was a bit wetter where I found them.  Maybe it’s still too dry in the main part of the wood.  

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