Solace Day 9 Lock Open

A wet start to the day. In fact, a very, very wet day. The Man says I must have hundreds of pictures of him standing by a lock. Yes, I have quite a few but I seldom use them on my holiday blips. 

So, here his is in full wet-day gear. The life-jackets were gifted to us by The Mate before our last trip through the icy water in March. Yes, the canals are only 4' deep, you can stand up in them, but the locks are very deep. The shock of cold water or the risk of a bump on the head on the concrete sides mean that we think some risks in life just aren't worth taking! I'm one who hasn't yet fallen in. There is an added advantage that folk mistake us for Canal and River Trust volunteers and assume we know what we're doing. We'll we do. Most of the time!

The walkie-talkies have been a great asset this trip, too, with so many single boat-width stretches of canal. Another great gift!

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