Swallow on sunflower

Da, dada, da, da; dada, dada, da
Set the controls for the heart of the sun(flower)!!!
I don’t usually explain photos, but I will this one.
Over summer, swallows have been nesting in our shed and it’s quite a narrow gap for them to get in.( it keeps the cats out)
Usually, they fly in from the left, do a 360 degree banked turn and into the shed. All at quite a speed.
Anyway, I was watching them and I noticed that they almost always fly over or near our sunflower and I thought it was worth trying to take a photo of it.
Upstairs with my camera, and I took lots of photos using a very fast shutter speed. Lots of photos, again, of sunflowers without swallows, sunflowers with tail, wing or beak etc of a swallow,  but I think this was the best.
It might have been easier to just stick a photo of a swallow on a sunflower!!
But I didn’t.
And for all you Floyd fans, here's a rather good version.

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