South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth


We walked down into Bath today - got lost a few times, but locals were helpful with directions. There don’t seem to be many signposts around, which is a bit surprising for a tourist destination.

We had a coffee then walked to McD for lunch. Then we headed back to the abbey, outside where the owl shown in my photo was. Having spent a while in the abbey, half of which was closed due to renovations, we intended to go to the Roman Baths. However, that involved a lot of queueing so my husband and son agreed we could go to the Fashion Museum at the Assembly Rooms - yay! Not really their scene, but my son enjoyed doing some photography with his vintage Fuji camera which copes amazingly in low light situations. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and there was a royal display of outfits worn by Queens Alexandra & Mary and the Queen Mother; also Princess Margaret (what a tiny waist she had!). The others did enjoy a film that was showing of really old footage of Alexandra (early 1900’s) and also the other members of the royal family whose dresses were featured at the museum. We then decided to brave the walk back up the steep hill to where we are staying. I was impressed with my ability to cope today and think that I must be fitter than I thought! Do feel a bit stiff now though.

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