Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Road Trip

It’s been a couple years since we took a real road trip ( other than between Seattle and the gulf islands) so we are headed southeast. Different scenery to blip!    The land  on the east side of the cascades is so different... yellow hills and huge sky.  Of course I was driving through the gorgeous part of Washington and getting more and more frustrated as I couldn’t take pictures so H decided it was much easier on him to do the driving so this is Oregon after Pendleton ( where we stopped for gas and coffee , not realizing it was the the place was crawling with people and cars.   We left after a long wait for a coffee that had something sweet and unwanted in it!     Still amazing country here as the Oregon trail where so many pioneers came west.... it’s halfway between the equator and the North Pole and close to the Snake River which runs into the Columbia. ... a pretty lovely day.... and we are farther ahead with the electronics of the new car.   Got the navigation mostly figured out ( a new thing for us)  the rear windshield wiper for the early 5 minutes of rain, and tried lots of different music( have a ways to go there).   Now we’re relaxing near Boise, Idaho ( the navigation lady would not believe I wasn’t pronouncing “Louisiana” !!!  So I gave up on the voice. :-).   Very comfortable tho.   Will try  to put more in the extras... all from the car...(blue mountains, hills,Snake river) . more tomorrow....yes we have a destination of Durango CO. On Friday.

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