In My World

By JoanneInOz

Not an easy photo to take!

Getting three dogs to sit quietly and all look in my direction at the same time is not the easiest task. You have no idea how many blurred, and half-dog photos I went through before I managed this one!

The white Labrador is my Bronte-girl, who is very good at posing for me when she's on her own. Add Forrest and Rocky to the mix though and there are way too many distractions for one little big Labrador to take!

Rocky (sitting next to Bronte) is my son's dog, who is visiting for a night or two and having a great time playing with the other two dogs. He's only about a year old, but the gentlest dog imaginable until food is about, then he forgets his manners completely.

Lastly, the lovely four-year-old Forrest-girl sits patiently behind the two young ones, waiting ... she's absolutely sure there will be a treat at the end of all this fussing and behaving, won't there?

I took a few photos yesterday, but didn't add one to my journal until tonight, so if you have a minute you might like to see a very photogenic Australian native plant here.

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