By Viewpoint

Sitting on the fence!

This female Sparrowhawk was enjoying a touch of sunbathing this morning and didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to move on.  In fact I was able to get my camera and take 30+ photos and then I tired before she did.  The sparrow hawk cafe is not yet open in our garden, so there are not too many small birds about yet.  I’m not convinced she was hungry though.  I’ve re-sited the feeders at the back today (and am not sure if Ive got them in the right place) and hung a small container of peanuts, which have yet to be discovered.  My next job is to give the seed feeders a scrub so they can go out too.  I’ve also dug the outline for my next flower bed and tried out a few poles and markers along the back.  My next job is to order the wood we need from Earnshaws. I think the flower bed is going to be mainly built from stone  to allow me to level the site and top it up with soil but with some strategically placed posts along the back.  I’m currently trying to decide on what small tree to plant.  I’ve got a rather nice Japanese Acer that came from my dad, which is a beautiful autumn colour right now (and it hasn’t scorched this summer).  It’s currently in a large tub and has done really well since it came here.  The question is, do I risk it in a new place where it might be scorched by sun and wind or do I order a new small tree.  Something like an Amelanchier which will have spring flowers and autumn colour.

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