Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Delphi (2)

Firstly, many thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts on my Blips, particularly the one for yesterday. We have a really packed schedule on this holiday which is great, but isn't leaving any time for replying or looking at other Blips, and tonight's hotel has no wi-fi so I shall be trying to upload this on my phone.

This morning we went to the main site and museum at Delphi. The picture is of the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle would sit on her tripod and utter prophecies while in a trance. Recent research has shown that the temple is built over a meeting of two seismic faults from which various hallucinogenic gasses were emitted, which would probably explain the Oracle's trance. The museum was fascinating and W was particularly pleased to see two sculptures dating from around 590BC, Cleobis and Biton, that she has recently been studying in detail on her course.

Another long drive in the coach this afternoon down to Olympia where we are staying for one night. On the way we had to cross the Gulf of Corinth to enter the Peloponnese which we did over the new Rion-Antirion bridge, the third longest cable stay bridge in the world at almost three kilometres. I've added a picture of it as an extra. And finally, another extra of a rather nice little Praying Mantis which joined us for coffee.

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