twinned with trumpton

By misterft

A morning at home; sorting out the Foxtrot Uniforms of others; the sort of thing that takes 5 minutes to do, but 3 hours to undo and then redo. 

Having done all I could, I went to the office for the afternoon; the office cover was away from 1.30 so I had a desk and - oh! 2 bottles of extremely reasonably priced malt whisky to collect from the aforementioned office cover.

That aside, it was earphones in and heid doon. 

At five I went off to deliver the whisky. (Backstory - Paw has a neighbour who stored a bunch of garden stuff - stone troughs, tools, various plants and cuttings etc - that sat in a shed for the best part of 2 years and finally the folks have enough space / time to take delivery of the stuff again so he brought a trailer load of it down. Wouldn't take any payment; a neighbourly gesture he said. So Paw is giving him a neighbourly gesture back in the form of a couple of bottles of Highland Park)

My nephew is going for lunch with his grandparents on Saturday so he is transporting the goods with him (I checked, he hates whisky, it's safe with him)

That done, I sped back up Morningside Road and met her at the Apple store; sorting out the lad's phone. (Or not as the case may be)

And finally to her's for tacos and a well earned beer at the end of the working week. And the news from school was not good either. 17 days later, the problem has resurfaced. 

I do vaguely remember the Vuelta highlights; Sagan needed about another 100m to make his late surge work. 

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