Flower Friday

Another week almost finished and the year marching on;  my mother always told me time went faster the older you got and how true that is.  Our  particular weekend will be very quiet as we have no plans to see anyone or do anything and I think we're both looking forward to just pottering about. 

I went to the hairdresser this morning and over the summer my hair had become lighter than I like, so I asked Brett to just tone it down slightly.  I've come out of there looking an "almost brunette" and I'm not best pleased with him - Jack says it looks great, but then he would, wouldn't he?  :-))   I'm hoping after I've washed it a few times it will begin to lighten up again.

Thank you BikerBear for hosting the FF challenge, and thank you for all the encouraging comments on yesterday's blip;  they're all very much appreciated.

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