The final day of my week off work and another relaxing day. A couple of jobs done at home and then I decided to go for a walk along the riverbanks in search of a blip. I took a few shots some that might have made a possible blip so I decided it was time to head back and get some dinner. 
I decided to take the longer route to the chip shop . I was rewarded with a change of blip . I spotted  something out the corner of my eye sat on an old piece of wood. On closer inspect I noticed it was a small Lizard So I managed a couple of shots before it saw me as a threat and shot off very fast into the grass. This is something I have been waiting to see since I started up blipping so a very happy day and a target blip sorted , Not something I expected to find in the centre of Lincoln even if it was by the river. See extra for the other shot I managed 

Well the weekend has arrived hope you all have a good one and the weather stays fine as its been a wet afternoon here. Happy snapping 

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