Fish port

The Vischpoort was built in the first half of the 15th century.
Originally this tower was a tight defense tower of the city. In 1592, when the fortifications were extended, a passage was made in the gate.

The waiting room is located above the passage. On the city side the gate has some windows, on the seaside the gate is windowless. A timepiece is attached to the top of the gate. Four so-called Arkel towers have been placed on the four corner points of the gate. The gate is crowned with an octagonal, constricted needle spike. This spire is covered with slates. On the outside, the seaside, the tower is equipped with a coastal light. The city wall of Elburg Fortress runs on either side of the tower.

From the gates that used to be built on the city walls, the Vischpoort is the only one in Elburg that still remains.

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