Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH


This morning we visited the Mycenaean palace of King Nestor in the hills above Pylos, which dates from the 13th century BC. The outline walls of the palace have been well preserved and the site is still being dug by archaeologists, but because of the age and importance of the site the whole area has now been covered with a roof and suspended walkways constructed over it so you can look down at the whole area. It makes for a great experience in seeing all the palace but was not good for decent photographs. However, nearby there is an ancient Tholos or tomb which was found complete, and I have added a shot of that as an extra.

This afternoon was a free afternoon but there was a boat trip laid on if anyone wanted to go, which most of us did. Pylos is located on the third largest natural harbour in the world, and we took a two hour trip around it. There was a big naval battle here in 1827, the Battle of Navarino, and there are several memorials to it around the harbour. On the island of Sphacteria which forms one side of the harbour was this, the Russian memorial which consisted of a grave and monument to the Russian dead and this simple wooden Russian church.

An early start tomorrow and a long day today so I suspect we won't be late to bed tonight.

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